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  • problème with tools

    hello, i really don't understand what happens... i try to put the tick offset inplay but it's not possible, offplay there is no problem but

    in play i've tried to put a bet with stop entry tool and i tick also the tick offset,fill or kill,etc boxes but nothing works , just my bet is placed

    it's not possible to configure several bets in advance with different tick offset,stoploss ?

    i've tried to let the settings in play (and remove the kill or feed to be sure) and nothing happens one more time...

    (i've just subscribed, sorry if questions are stupid)

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    I'm not totally sure what you are doing, but in general the tools sometimes do not work well when used together. If you try to use tick offset and fill or kill at the same time, the tools will interfere with each other and the result will not be what you expect.

    The tick offset should work in play. However the way the tool is programmed, if you use it more than once on the same market, all of the bets have to be in the same direction. So if you do a tick offset bet on horse 1 starting with a back bet, and then place a bet on horse 2, the tick offset will work if the bet on horse 2 is a back bet, but not if it is a lay. Similarly if your first bet is a lay, tick offset will only work on future lay bets on that market. I think the reason for this is to prevent automatic tick offset occurring if you want to get out of a trade manually (eg by scratching it).


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      i'm used to do back & lay but when i tried all that i've just made some back bets so it should work !

      i think i will make a video to show you what i want to do and show you the problem ( that will be easier than with my poor english... )