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  • Stop entry issues for badger

    Hello Badger

    Thanks for your email reply this morning. I followed your suggestion re. today´s betting, more or less. I also placed Back bets on all the favourite at SP less about 30%.
    What happened is as follows:

    3.00 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 12 £2.00 at 20
    Lay bet taken but at 10 (!). How is this possible? The result was OK, as I won £2, but how could a Lay bet of LTP ˃ 12 be matched at a lower price?
    This is normal for what you did. As soon as the price hit 12.5 your bet goes in at 20. As Betfair will always give you the best price, as your bet went in, someone offered to back the horse at 10 so you got that price. This is working exactly as it is supposed to.

    Because this worried me a bit I upped the LTP for the next bet.
    3.10 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 14 £2.00 at 22.
    Result: Bet matched at 16 for £2 profit. Better!

    Same thing. Working perfectly, you could have got matched at any price under 22 but there is no way you can be matched at more than 22. The lower the price, the better.

    I decide to up it a bit more for the next race.
    3.20 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 16 £2.00 at 24.
    Result: Bet matched at 17.5 for £2 profit.

    You see now every bet is getting matched rather that putting them at 30 when the price can jump to 50 before your bet gets matched and you miss out.

    3.30 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 16 £2.00 at 24.
    Result: Horse won but Win bet did not trigger. Lay bet did not trigger either, so I broke even, but there should have been a profit on the win bet.

    This is your previous issue in reverse. The lay price did not get high enough to match you as the horse won and the back price dropped so quickly you bet was submitted but not matched.

    3.40 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 16 £2.00 at 24.
    Result: Horse lost, but Bet matched at an unrecorded price, for £2 profit.

    It has to be recorded somewhere. Look in your account summary on Betfair website.

    3.50 Lay bet at LTP ˃ 16 £2.00 at 24.
    Result: Horse won. Back Bet matched at an unrecorded price, for £1 profit. Lay bet should have been matched as the price passed through 16/24 at some point during the race. In any event the Lay bet was not matched resulting in a £2 loss on that bet.

    This does not make sense. Your back bet matched and the horse won. You say the lay bet was not matched yet you say you lost.

    4.00 Lay Bet at LTP ˃ 16 £2.00 at 24.
    Result: Horse won. Neither Back bet nor Lay bet matched, therefore no profit or loss.

    I am not sure what you are doing with the back bet. The stop entry tool simply places a bet into the market for you, it does not mean you are guaranteed to get matched.

    Mixed results then. Still some issues about Lay bets being by-passed – twice in 7 bets. Is it simply because of the speed of the price rise? Interestingly, in another in-play system I was using today I had two stop entry Back bets by passed. One was at SP less 25%. The price dropped like a stone between 3.9 and 2.7, stranding my bet at 3.5. Very frustrating to get it right but be over-ridden by the system!

    After the tests I am 100% certain there is nothing wrong with your computer or Evolution. You are just just betting into very volatile fast moving in-play horse racing market and setting auto submittting bets means sometimes the market will pass them by. Sometimes, as you have seen they will be matched a lot lower than you put them in at.

    Any comments appreciated.

    No problem, I hope that helps.
    Stuart Kay
    Last edited by The Badger; 4th March 2012, 11:15 PM.