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    Default stats help please

    hi.loads of stats sites out there but does anyone know of any sites,that show you the games that are either currently in play or coming up (similar to what you can get on futbol 24) but also show you the stats for correct scores for each team..i know you can get correct score records on some stats sites but was looking for something that might save me a bit of time,could well be a site like that dosent exist,but if anyone knows one it would be a great help..thank you

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    have you tried flashscores? not 100% sure but think it does most of what you will be after it also updates stats on a match in running such as shots, fouls etc

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    thanks steve looks like a good site,its similar to what im looking for would just prefer some stats on % of correct scores like 0-0,1-1..etc.

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    Hi Folks,

    I was just wondering is there any websites out there that give you the full time for a match, including injury time. You can the current seasons data from the bbc website, but I wanted to look at the last 10 seasons.

    Thanks in advance

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    you mean the FT scores? try betexplorer or soccerstats or soccerway or football-data

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    Hi Steve,

    No I am looking for the actually length of matches, including the injury time. i.e. 94mins in total etc.

    I was interested in writing an article examining any favouritism for certain teams in the premier league. i.e. does 'Fergie Time' really exist? lol


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    f you read through it tells you injury time added in each half and think it covers all past results - Steve



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