Upgrading BetTrader

If you already have BetTrader on your computer and you have been notified of a new release, simply download the latest version of BetTrader clicking the ‘Download Now’ button on the BetTrader for Mac page, this will download a file called BetTrader.dmg into your Downloads folder.

Shut down the current BetTrader

It is important you shut down BetTrader if it is running (click on the BetTrader icon in the system tray and select quit) before attempting to install the latest version.

Installing the upgrade

Double click the .DMG (Disk Image) to open and then drag the BetTrader app into your applications folder, overwriting the pervious version. The installer will firstly remove old copies of BetTrader and the BetTrader tray from your computer before installing the latest version. All of your previous settings will be saved.

How will I know there is a new version available?

We will post a notice in the homepage of BetTrader, so when you next login you will be aware a new version is available, the notification will look similar to the image below.