Once you have an active subscription (or if you are currently on the free trial) BetTrader runs in full mode with all features turned on.

Full Speed Refreshes

BetTrader runs in full speed mode with up to 5 refreshes per second.

Grid Mode

BetTrader’s Grid Interface is similar in appearance to Betfair’s website interface but it displays 5 prices either side instead of only 3.

Ladder Mode

BetTrader’s Ladder Interface displays Betfair prices on a vertical ladder, with an even more efficient one-click bet submission process.

Sports Mode

Our Sports Interface allows you trade across all the markets that make up a Betfair event.

Training Mode

Learn to trade on Betfair or test out a new system without any risk. BetTrader uses live Betfair data —using real world matching— get a feel for the market without putting any cash at risk.

Priority Support

Subscribers get access to priority support.