Subscriptions & Pricing

Subscribe to BetTrader Evolution to turn on andvanced features "Full Speed" and "Training Mode"

Subscriptions & Pricing

When you Download BetTrader Evolution you will automatically receive a 7 day free trial of the full version. When your free trial of the full version runs out you can continue to use BetTrader Evolution in limited mode for free for as long as you want.

The only difference between the full version of BetTrader Evolution and the free version is that the free version only updates once every 5 seconds.

You have full use of both the grid and ladder interface for free, as well as the bet placement tools. Training mode is not available in the Free Version.

Evolution is a huge leap forward in sports trading. We are able to deliver you this truly remarkable trading platform from as little as 42p a day.

To purchase a subscription, run Evolution and click the date that you see, or the text 'Expired: Turbo Mode Off'.

To use the full version of BetTrader Evolution with live updating markets prices and Training Mode we offer the following plans.

Subscription Prices

BetTrader Evolution Subscriptions
MonthsTotal CostMonthlyDaily Price

Pay-as-you-go (Days)

BetTrader Evolution Pay-as-you-go (Days)
DaysTotal CostCost Per Day

You purchase a pack of days in the usual manner through BetTrader Evolution and when you want to use them, simply click on ‘activate one of my days’ and you will be asked to confirm. You will then have full access to BetTrader Evolution for 24 hours and at the end of that time, return to standard mode. This is the perfect solution for a part time trader, or if you have a particular race meeting or game you wish to trade in Turbo Mode.

We currently accept payments via PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller or direct to our bank account.

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