The tick offset tool allows you to place a counter trade automatically once you back or lay bet has been partly or fully matched. You can nominate the number of ticks for your bet to be offset by and also set the percentage of your original bet matched before the offset starts. An example would be laying £100 at 3.00 with a tick offset at 2 ticks and the % set to 100.

What will happen is when the whole £100 is matched, then BetTrader will place a £100 bet on the back side at 3.10.

You can also set it to offset at a lower % so after say 50% of the £100 is matched it will start to offset. You can also set it to 1% and then as soon as any of the bet is matched, it will start to offset.

You can also set the Tick Offset tool to hedge for you so you can effectively back, lay and hedge with one click of the mouse once you have your stake selected.