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BetTrader Features

Fast Price Refreshes

By using BetTrader you get to see and react to Betfair prices in near real time. BetTrader refreshes prices every 200ms, compared to people using the website who see a single price refresh between every 1 & 15 seconds.

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One-Click Bet Submission

Submit Back or Lay bets at any price with only one click of the mouse on our signature Ladder trading interface or the grid and sports mode.

Faster bet submission speed puts you well ahead of the pack when opportunities arise. Get to the front of the queue more often.

BetTrader Ladder Interface

Prices are displayed in a rigid vertical ladder with the bids and offers moving up and down the ladder.

This ladder view is a very popular trading interface on the world’s financial markets, and BetTrader was the first Betfair trading software to offer this interface to Betfair traders.

  • Price literally moves up and down
  • Visualise up and down price movements much easier
  • Submit bets instantly (one click) at any price
  • See gaps in the prices instantly
  • One-click movement of unmatched bets up and down
  • One-click hedge
  • Right-click stop loss
  • See Traded Volume, Traded Amounts & Matched amounts

Training Mode

Training mode lets you test out BetTrader and get used to all the features without risking any money.
This means that you can learn to trade on Betfair or test out a new system without any risk. The application uses the live Betfair data which means that you can get a feel for the market without putting any cash at risk.

To use training mode your Betfair account must be funded, also the money you back or lay will not have any influence on the market, thus trading in Training Mode can never be a true representation of using real money.

BetTrader Ladder

More BetTrader Features

Live Offered Prices
All available to Lay and Back prices on all Betfair markets are streamed live through BetTrader. Viewing up to date information helps you to make the right decision at the right time.
Live Last Traded Price
The last traded price is the last price that a bet was matched at. Being able to see if an offer is trading or not is invaluable information for any trader.
Live Volume Figures
BetTrader shows the total amount of money that has been matched on each selection and the the total amount matched at each price. Also BetTrader displays live matched amounts. Knowing whether an offer was pulled or was matched in total helps you make more informed decisions based on a better understanding of what is happening.
Live Graphs
Live Graphs display the last-traded price and volume figures in visual form to give you a live graphical view of the market. Graphs are a useful tool for visualing how a market is moving.
One Click Hedge
Divides your potential profit or loss on a selection by the available to Lay or Back price and Lays or Backs that amount to ensure you win or lose the same no matter who wins. Traders can lock in their profits and set their maximum losses without having to hope that the selection on which the trade was done wins or not.
Net Button
This stake button displays your net position on each selection. Selecting the Net-stake button makes that value the stake size for your next bet submission. Allows you to act fast and effectively in fast moving markets when you have been part filled and need to submit an irregular stake size quickly.
Vertical Ladder Display
On the Ladder interface prices are displayed vertically in ascending order and available to Lay and Back amounts are displayed to the left and right of their price. Facilitates one-click bet submission at any price, Back or Lay. Also makes the market easier to visualise by showing the Lay and Back amounts moving up and down on the ladder.
Ladder Auto-centre
Keeps the last-traded price of each selection displayed in the middle of the ladder display. Allows you to view prices in a ladder format without needing to manually follow the price to keep it in view.
Counts down the scheduled start time of every Betfair market. When the market is suspended and goes in play the Stopwatch starts to time the event. The count down tells traders when it is time to square their books as the race is about to start. The stopwatch gives a better understanding of in-play prices.

Tools & Automation

Stop Loss
Set the Stop-loss tool to liquidate your position if the market price goes against you. The Trailing-Stop tool allows you to follow a price up or down and enter or leave the market only when the price is going in a certain direction.
Tick Offset
This tool allows you to enter the number of ticks profit you would like from your trades and then have the tool automatically submit your countertrades for you as soon as you are matched.
Fill or Kill
This tool allows the user to set the amount of time that an unmatched bet remains as an unmatched bet before it is cancelled.
Order Cancels Order
This is used to connect two or more unmatched bets so that when one of the unmatched bets/tool orders is matched then the other unmatched bet/tool order is cancelled.
Back & Lay
Submits a back or lay bet at a certain price at a certain time.

FREE or Flexible Subscription

After your free trial BetTrader will run in free mode unless you upgrade to one of our flexible subscriptions.

A subscription (and the 14-day trial) gives you the full speed product, utilising up to 20 Betfair calls per second and five price refreshes a second.

If after the 14-day trial you do not wish to subscribe, BetTrader still works but the following applies:

  • One price refresh every second (instead of five a second)
  • No access to Sports Mode
  • No access to Training Mode

Visit the BetTrader Subscription page to learn about our pricing.

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