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RacingTraders is the trading name of Racing Traders Limited, a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, company number 08959615. The registered office address for Racing Traders Limited is: Park House, 26 North End Road, London, NW11 7PT.


BetTrader is a Betfair betting and trading interface and was the first of its kind to offer one-click betting on all Betfair markets. BetTrader links directly to the Betfair servers through their API (Application Programming Interface). BetTrader was the first Betfair application to include the Ladder Interface.

BetTrader was initially developed by Adam Todd, one of Betfair’s most consistently profitable traders, in order to respond to the need for a Betfair software application designed for traders. Years later, it is a professional, reliable piece of software that meets a very real need amongst all price-sensitive Betfair users, not just traders.

The latest version was released in December 2015 for Apple Mac and Windows PC.

Adam Todd

Adam Todd, founder of RacingTraders, first became involved in the financial markets at the age of 18. From Manchester, he moved to London and found financial backing to become a proprietary futures trader in the open outcry pits of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE). He made his living as a scalper, making lots of very short-term trades on the 10 Year German Government Bond (Bund) futures contract, using the bid-ask spread to make his profits.

After five years of futures trading, he took time away to travel and seek other options. He began his travels in New Zealand and ended them in Africa. After several years on the road he returned to the UK where he was pleased to discover the betting exchange model created by Betfair.

Starting with a bank of £200 and no knowledge of gambling on horses, Adam began trading the favourite's price on UK horseracing markets. He continued to trade full time on Betfair for the next three years, enjoying successful trading and steady profits. It was during this time that Adam founded RacingTraders and began developing BetTrader.

You can read more by visiting: Adam Todd, £200 to £100,000 in three years on Betfair.

Current Team

The current team behind RacingTraders are:

  • Lee Mayne is the Director of RacingTraders Ltd. who has been involved in the running of BetTrader since 2009.
  • Anne (Corner) is our resident horse-racing guru and has been manning support since 2010, so be nice!
  • Tony (The Badger) knows the software inside out, he is the voice of our videos and webinars.
  • John & Michael run JSSL.ie and are the developers of the BetTrader software product.

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