WhyLose.com acquires BetTrader

WhyLose.com acquires BetTrader

WhyLose.com is pleased to announce the acquisition today, 6th February 2023, of RacingTraders.co.uk and JuiceStorm.com. WhyLose.com has acquired all intellectual property rights including the software application known as BetTrader and the domains RacingTraders.co.uk, BetTornado.com and JuiceStorm.com.

The seller, Racing Traders Ltd, is a provider of the first API vendor application for Betfair since 2004 which provides a fast and reliable trading interface for Betfair. They have customers in every country where Betfair is licensed to provide their betting exchange service. Racing Traders Ltd reputation is second to none, with reliability and customer service of paramount importance.

The buyer, WhyLose.com, provides trading seminars in 18 countries and publishes a monthly crypto trading invitation only newsletter which is read by over 10,000 members globally. Headquartered at 4 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6DA, United Kingdom, the founder, John Preddy, has had a long association with both RacingTraders.co.uk and JuiceStorm.com since 2004 and 2007 respectively and has been an equity partner since 2019 and 2007 respectively.

“BetTrader from Racing Traders Ltd has provided the first trading interface for Betfair since 2004 and has over 40,000 members. I was one of the first customers to use it and there is a tremendous opportunity for WhyLose.com to take BetTrader into its next development cycle in Q3 of this year. BetTrader is a natural fit for WhyLose.com and I look forward to growing the existing team with new additions from within WhyLose.com” – John Preddy, founder of WhyLose.com.

“WhyLose.com has built an incredible business with a loyal customer base. They are a dominant player in the crypto and trading education arena and were a prime candidate for a strategic acquisition of Racing Traders Ltd. It was a pleasure to work with WhyLose.com to make this acquisition a reality” – Lee Mayne, Director, Racing Traders Ltd.

Website: WhyLose.com
Contact: John Preddy +44 (0) 7500 075044

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