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Betfair Video

The video shown in BetTrader is identical to that on the Betfair website. Unfortunately, this is not available in Australia due to Betfair’s rules.



NOTE: The Betfair videos are an unsupported item to vendors like RacingTraders. Video feeds can, and most likely will be blocked by Betfair in the future. We endeavour to bring videos to BetTrader but cannot guarantee how long this feature will be supported into the future. As of summer 2020 (BetTrader version 6.0.8 up) we have had to change the way the video is displayed in the software due to changes at Betfair blocking the old method. As a result, currently, the video opens in a popup window rather than floating in the application.

In order to see the video, you must be logged into the Betfair website as well as BetTrader, in the same browser. If you are not, you will be asked to log in. In the past, Betfair has required you to place a bet on the event in order to see the video, but this does not seem to be the case at the moment.

To launch the video from the grid, click on the video icon in the top right of the screen. To launch the video from ladder mode click on the video icon in the left panel, just below the Settings menu. Sometimes this icon does not appear when you load the ladder – you can still launch the video by clicking in this area, or refresh the page and it should appear.

Launch Video Button

Unfortunately, the popup window disappears behind the main browser window when you click on the software, for example, to place a bet. There are a few solutions to this – if you have a large screen or a 2nd monitor you can move the video popup onto an area not occupied by the browser. You can watch the video on the Betfair website on another device, for example, a tablet or phone, or you can download an app that allows you to select to have the video popup window “always on top”. Examples of such apps are:

Betfair gets its racing pictures directly from Sky Sports Racing or Racing TV (depending on which track the races are at). It is important to be aware that there is a slight delay on these pictures — more so for Sky than for Racing TV. Other sports may have pictures with quite a considerable delay depending on the provider of the streaming. You may therefore see the odds change before something happens on the video, so be wary of using these pictures to trade from.

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