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Drip Feed



The drip feed tool is useful for putting larger bets into the market without spooking it by adding a big lump of money all at once. This tool splits the bet into smaller chunks, placed at Last Traded Price at your chosen time interval. The LTP may change during this process which means that the bets may not all be placed at the same price.

Open the drip feed tool by clicking on the + sign next to it and tick the box on the right.

Choose your selection from the dropdown list and enter your drip stake size, back or lay, time interval in seconds between bets and the total stake to place. Click Submit and the first bet will immediately be placed at LTP. The software will continue to place bets, regardless of whether or not they are matched, at the time interval you chose until the whole amount has been placed. If you select a total stake that does not divide equally (for example £75 in £10 chunks) the last bet will be smaller to make up the correct amount.

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