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Market Cashout

The market cash-out is only available in grid mode. It allows you to trade out on several selections in the same market with one click.



The cash-out shows 2 coloured figures, which are either red for a loss or green for a profit. Each selection which has unhedged bets on it will have a hedge figure directly below the first of these figures. These are the amounts that you would win or lose if you hedge at Last Traded Price, and if you add up the hedge figures on all the runners the total will equal the first figure in the cash-out section.

Market Cashout

The 2nd figure gives you the option to cash out at a price other than LTP by selecting LTP+1, +2 etc. You can choose either to play safe and ask for a worse price than LTP, or you can ask for better than LTP and put your hedge bets in the queue. Simply adjust the LTP figure to the one you want.

To trigger cash-out click on one of the 2 amounts and the software will place the appropriate bets to hedge each of the runners at your chosen position in the market. The cash-out figures will be constantly changing as the odds on each of the runners are moving. If your bets are not getting matched you don’t need to cancel them, simply click the cash-out again and it will cancel all bets and replace them with new ones calculated from your most recent click. Sometimes you may find that some of your bets are matched at a better price than you were asking for, in which case you can use cash-out again to level the market up.

Once all your bets are matched and there are no more unhedged bets on the market the cash-out figures will turn black. You can’t then do any more without placing new bets into the market.

Please remember that any bets sent in play are subject to an in play delay, and small hedge stakes may take quite a long time to enter the market. Bets may be placed twice if you click on the cash-out again before the end of the in play delay.

There is a known bug in cash-out at present, which affects correct score markets in football. If you have an unhedged trade on an impossible score after a goal, the software will attempt to cash out at the last traded price on that score, which will be the last price matched before the suspension for the goal, and this is never going to work. If you find yourself in this position you will need to hedge each of your remaining bets individually rather than using cash-out.

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