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The Net Button



The net button is the white button at the bottom of each ladder, above the yellow Stake/Liability button. This button has a couple of different functions.

The net button will show zero unless you have unequal stakes on the back and lay sides for that selection. Otherwise, it will show the stake needed to level your stakes on either side, i.e. green-up without hedging, for example, if you have placed £10 on the back side, the net button will show 10. If you have a hedged trade the net button will show the amount required to un-hedge the trade. Therefore if you decide that you want to put all of the profit or loss on the selection that you have traded, you can do this by clicking on the net button, which will then change your default stake on that selection to the amount on the net button and this will be the amount placed if you click on that ladder. You will see this amount in the box to the left of your stake buttons. This will remain as the default stake on that selection until you either alter it in the left-hand box or click on one of the other stake buttons, which will then become your default stake for that selection.

The other function of the net button is to give you a right-click net option. If you right-click on the net button a red dashed line will outline the button.

When the net button looks like this, every time you right-click on the ladder the software will green up without hedging. While this feature is active you will be unable to place a right-click stop loss or move bets on the ladder by right-clicking. To return to the original state without the right click net option active, simply right click on the net button again and it will return to white with a black line around it.

Note that clicking on the net button will put the stake value showing into the left-hand stake box. If this value is zero, you will be placing zero stake bets unless you select a stake option or type a stake into this box. This feature is old and was created before the right-click options for moving bets and stop-loss were added to the software. Nowadays it is really only useful for un-hedging a hedged trade.

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