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Tools Overview

BetTrader has a range of simple tools designed to make placing certain types of bets faster and easier. These are stop-loss, tick offset, back and lay timer, fill or kill, drip-feed, order cancels order (OCO), stop entry and chaser.



Tools can be activated by ticking the box to the right of the tool. You need to do this for each market individually, it is not possible to set a tool to always be active. To open a tool so that you can set your chosen parameters, click on the + sign to the left of the tool. Once you have set your parameters you can close the tool by clicking on the sign. The current settings for each tool are displayed next to the tool name. If you no longer wish to have the tool active, simply untick the box and it will stop.

Tools bets appear in the unmatched bets list with an indication to the right of the bet that it is a tool bet (and therefore has not yet been sent to Betfair). For example, if you set a hedged tick-offset bet you will see toh next to the bet.

Tool demo

Tools bets can be cancelled by clicking on the red x either next to the bet in the unmatched bets list or at the top of this list. Clicking on the K button at the bottom of the ladder will not cancel tools bets that have not yet been sent to Betfair, as this button sends an instruction directly to Betfair to cancel all unmatched bets on this selection.

Once the tool is triggered the bet becomes an ordinary matched or unmatched bet at Betfair and the software can then be closed down if you wish without the bet disappearing.

The tools are not designed to work together, although they may partially do so. Setting up 2 or more tools at the same time may produce unexpected results.

Most of the tools work by sending a bet to Betfair when specific conditions are met. The software can only do this if the market is loaded in the top tab of the browser and the computer is connected to the internet. If you close down the software or loose connection to Betfair the tools will not be triggered and bets will not be placed. For this reason, we do not recommend trying to use BetTrader as a “set and forget” software as it is not designed to be used in this way.

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