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BetTrader Evolution is the most cutting-edge Betfair trading platform on the market today. This state-of-the-art application displays live updating Betfair prices from within your internet browser in a choice of intuitive, feature packed trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

BetTrader Evolution, the first mainstream Betfair API Solution which allows you to trade on Betfair in training mode. This means that you can learn to trade on Betfair or test out a new system without any risk. The application uses the live Betfair data which means that you can get a feel for the market without putting any cash at risk.

With a subscription you can use Evolution in Turbo Mode. You can trade using the ladder, grid, bet placement tools and enter Training Mode. Your data refreshes up to 20 times a second and provides an excellent environment for trading fast moving markets such as horse racing, dogs and gives you a great edge while betting and laying.


BetTrader, the first to bring the ladder interface to Betfair Traders now brings you Sports Mode, designed specifically for non horse racing markets. This brand new interface enables you to trade efficiently across a set of markets on the one screen with live updates.

To use all the features, you can purchase a recurring subscription for constant access or you can purchase 'days'. This gives part time traders flexibility to use Turbo Mode when it suits you. Download now to activate your 7 day free trial of this Trading Software build only for Betfair.

BetTrader Evolution is free to use in standard mode 365 days a year. You can trade using the ladder, grid and all the wealth of bet placement tools while in standard mode. Upgrading to turbo mode or buying day access is built into BetTrader Evo. Try Evo today!


Transform your Performance. Whether you bet or trade on Betfair, and no matter which sports markets you prefer, BetTrader Evolution will transform your performance and vastly improve your user experience on the worlds biggest betting exchange. Using our Betfair Software can make trading more automated and less emotional, giving you a greater chance of success.

Designed and developed by Adam Todd, one of Betfair's most consistent and successful traders, this Betfair Sports Trading Software is used by more professional traders than any other application, and was the first to display Betfair prices in the vertical ladder format in 2005. The ladder has evolved through years of user feedback and constant use by Betfair's biggest players, and it remains the clear choice of the professional and beginner trade.

Clearly accepted as the market leader, BetTrader's browser based technology offers superior performance and exceptional stability in a well-designed, user-friendly layout that is unlike anything else you have ever used. Being the only browser based Betfair trading application on the market, its ease of use and modern design has firmly established it as the standard by which all other trading applications are compared.

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