We use the OCO tool to set the lay and back conditions we want the market to reach before the bet is submitted. In this football market, we lay the draw between the teams for £100. Then using the OCO tool, we set the conditions after which the hedging bets should be submitted. If the LTP (Last Traded Price) is greater than 7.4 back £50, if the LTP is less than 2, back £190 at 1.99. Those bets will sit in the unmatched bets shelf and won’t not be submitted until the prices meet the conditions. Market suspensions will not cancel these bets, and we win £53.92 no matter if the result is a win, draw or lose.

As with all tools, use them individually, BetTrader is not a bot and tools are not designed to work together. Additionally, to be most effective the market with a tool set needs to be a foreground (selected) market, as background markets (tabs) update much slower.

Your computer needs to be on, as a sleeping computer can have no internet connection.