1-2-1 Training

Need some help with your trading?

Need some One-on-one training?

We are offering 1-2-1 sessions via screen sharing so you can watch our traders in action or they can watch your screen and offer advice on what you should be looking for, or what you may be missing in real time.

(Currently offering 1: Horse Racing, 2: Sports Trading or 3: General help with BetTrader).

Nothing beats having a live 1-2-1 discussion while watching the markets move and have a clear explanation of what is happening and why it is happening. You will learn to be able to predict with more accuracy what is going to happen to any runner you choose, why it will happen and importantly when it will happen.

So if group sessions are not your thing, and you think a bit of 1-2-1 attention will take you to the next level, then book a session and let us give you the expert advice you have been looking for.

Tony Hargraves, RacingTrader Head of Education, will show you how to break through your barriers, hit your trading targets and achieve the success you deserve.

Invest in yourself today, and let Tony teach you how to be the best trader you can be.

With over 10 years experience in trading on Betfair and training traders to achieve their full potential, RacingTraders Education was born out of Tony’s desire to help others become better Betfair traders.

Whether you’re an employee stuck in a job you hate or you want to break through to the next profitable level of trading through our trading programme, or want to go from part time to full time trading Tony has the tools that you’ll need to help you on your way. Transform your trading, redefine your success strategy and realise that you can achieve a profit on Betfair.

RacingTraders 1-2-1 sessions are now available, Monday to Thursday from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

We cover three subjects so make your choice.

Sports Trading
Horse Racing
How to use BetTrader 

Just pick a date from the calendar and let us get you on the right track. Once you book your space Tony will get in contact with a couple questions so he can tailor the time correctly to your needs.

You hold the key to your future, now unlock the possibilities!



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May 2018
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£49 per session